How can Marie-Noelle help you?

“Working with Marie-Noelle created a turning point in my life. Her empathy and grace was ever present as she gently guided me through turbulent times. She was both a rock and a shoulder to cry on; but always ruthless in her stand for my personal empowerment. She saw beyond the mask I presented to the world and encouraged me to deal with issues that I had unconsciously allowed to run my life, She would not put up with my crap and I am forever grateful to her for that. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone wishing to live courageously with purpose and passion’

With love
Kris Varney-Clarke
Nutritional Medicine Practitioner
BHSc (Nat Med)


‘’Marie-Noelle’s Conscious Women’s retreat completely changed my life. It guided me in such a loving and supportive way to open up and let go of many things in my life that were no longer serving me. I felt that I let go of the past and experienced new possibilities for me to live a full and happy life.’’

– Katie Alexander


“The women’s retreat was a fundamentally life-changing experience for me. Through a range of techniques, therapies and activities, I was able to relax completely, explore and ultimately jettison that which, as Marie-Noelle would say, “no longer serves me”. As challenging as some of the activities and the emotions that surfaced were, the retreat provided me with the opportunity to grow and move forward. With love and gratitude.”

– Requested anonymity – attendee of Conscious Courageous Women’s Retreat


“Marie-Noelle’s Women’s retreat was a totally delightful experience. The venue is stunning and created the right environment to reflect and embrace the workshops. But it was the guidance of Marie-Noelle that really made the experience worthwhile. She created a safe environment to face fears and find a new level of growth, it was delightfully uplifting and enriching for the soul. We laughed, danced, sat in the spa, journalized, challenged ourselves, painted and cried. I left with a whole new outlook on life.”

Emma Field, Reporter, Herald & Weekly Times – Australia


“Since returning home I am realising all that I have received from my time with you in Bali.
Of course, the excitement of overseas travel, enjoying and visualising the beauty of UBUD, the comradeship and new friendships and the wonderful experience of seeing a different culture and way of life. An amazing experience I will always remember.

But more exciting still is the change my time at the retreat has made in me.

I feel I have found ME, and I feel just so excited about this and I look forward to each day as it happens bringing new challenges and pleasures.

I feel a sense of calm, clarity of thought and the ability to make decisions in my life that previously I would have been unable to do.

This sense of calm also reflects itself in a feeling of strength, positiveness and confidence.
I suddenly know who I AM, and that s such a great feeling.

All my life, I have been very blessed – a happy childhood, wonderful husband, beautiful daughters, gorgeous grandchildren, all with so much love and happiness and fulfilment.
But one thing was missing, I never felt complete within myself.

I do now – I AM ME. Such a great feeling.

Thank you Marie-Noelle for giving me this wonderful opportunity to enjoy and cherish my life to it’s fullest.”

With love and gratitude



“Considering I had a week of angst and panic before I left.

It was the best gift I could have given myself. I have learnt to like myself again.

And I have had so many aches & pains taken away… I discovered the power of Yoga and meditation.

It was a group of wonderful fellow women just like me and the making of special friends.

I certainly didn’t expect to want to stay longer, but I did.

I would highly recommend this retreat for all us sisters.”

Thank you