The Dream Builder process developed by Mary Morrisey PhD is designed to help you create the life you dream of in a 12 week program of one on one coaching. Marie-Noelle has been certified by the Life Mastery Institute to coach this amazing program that will assist you in gaining clarity on what your dreams and life purpose is.

What the course offers

These are the 10 Steps that are included in the dream builder program:

  • Discovering your dream
  • Designing and Testing Your Dream
  • Deserving- Increasing Your Sense of Deserving
  • FEAR- Befriending Your Friend
  • LACK- Welcoming a Greater Flow of Abundance
  • PERCEPTIONS- Evolving Your Perceptions
  • Listening to the Still, Small Voice
  • Harnessing the Power of Believing
  • Turning Failure into a Stepping Stone
  • Harvesting Your Dream

How it works

Marie-Noelle is based in Bali but works with people worldwide via Skype and phone. Contact Marie-Noelle to find out more about Dream Builder.