There are hundreds of words that I may use to write ‘about me’…

In short and simply said “I am an expression of Love, that which is within each and every one of us”.
It is my life purpose to be of service to humanity, by helping each individual BE the greatest expression of who they authentically are. To remind them of all that they already know, but have forgotten.
Using what is termed the ‘Transpersonal’ approach, I guide my clients towards opening to their innate wisdom, their inner truths, meaning and the understanding of their authentic nature.
I subscribe to the basic premise that you must start your journey of co-creating the life that you dream of, by ‘knowing thy self’.
My commitment is to create the safe and sacred space for a journey of ‘self’ exploration, discovery and transformation, which brings into alignment the whole – body, mind, heart and spirit.

My Story….

I am that and infinitely so much moreā€¦